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Your web server port has been reset to the default port number, 8129. For information on resolving a problem that appears here, see Troubleshooting. I installed some updates last night and restarted, so maybe that will fix the problem, or maybe it won't. Error Code: 47 10/8/2012 6:58:34 PM Beyond TV detected that a transport stream recording received no data for 30 seconds while recording How I Met Your Mother on Hauppauge WinTV-7164 BDA http://gatoisland.com/error-code/0x-error-codes.php

Hit NEXT to continue, and proceed to the next section of this document. Download Remote Recordings The provided link will force a download of any recordings scheduled remotely via the associated SnapStream.Net account. Your web server port has been reset to 8129 and your live TV streaming port has been reset to 8080. I was running 4.9.2 for a long time then I wanted to mess with the Link program and noticed 4.9.3 has been out for a while.

Direct Tv Error Codes

Please disable this service if you wish to use Beyond TV to record and watch TV. After finishing the Setup Wizard and starting Beyond TV 4, the remote can be tested in the ViewScape interface. Program Guide Information The provided link will start a manual Program Guide update.

A remote control is especially useful if using Beyond TV 4 as a "ten foot" application. The SnapStream Firefly remote is one such remote control, specifically designed for use with Beyond TV 4. This works best when the "Remember my login and password" box on the SnapStream.Net login page has been checked. Samsung Tv Error Codes See Web Server Settings. 25 Beyond TV failed to find any channel lineup information.

Check other running applications for port conflicts. 8 Beyond TV has stopped a recording due to a lack of free disk space. Direct Tv Error Codes 122 Allow Automatic Updates When set to "Enable," Beyond TV will automatically download Program Guide data daily, or when necessary. Click Logout to return to the login screen. Once the software has been launched by using a command line option, the TV icon will remain in the system tray, as in the example below.

No, it's not the same show every night, but it does happen to be on the same channel. Samsung Tv Error Codes 5 Flashes Remote Control Setup (optional) Beyond TV 4 can be controlled by mouse, keyboard, or remote control. So I decided to update and have the current version. SnapStream.Net Settings The Snapstream.Net Settings page contains settings that govern how Beyond TV interacts with its associated SnapStream.Net account (if configured).

Direct Tv Error Codes 122

If such a device is not configured for use with Beyond TV, this option will not appear.•This feature must be enabled in the settings of the capture device which is to Run the Setup Wizard and delete and recreate the tuner. Direct Tv Error Codes If you have recently updated any related drivers, you may need to rerun the Setup Wizard to correctly reconfigure the system. Direct Tv Error Codes 771 Your live TV streaming port has been reset to 8080 and your Windows Media streaming port has been reset to 1755.

The signal is fine though, because it will end up recording the show just not the first 9 minutes or so. http://gatoisland.com/error-code/bellsouth-error-codes.php Enable Advanced Features This setting enables Beyond TV to send information about your recordings to SnapStream for inclusion in Beyond TV Buzz. *The options marked with an asterisk will not Run the Setup Wizard and delete and recreate the tuner. Your Windows Media streaming port has been reset to the default port number, 1755. Direct Tv Error Codes List

The SnapStream.Net servers reported the time as , but your system time is set to [TIME] Check clock time and time zone. See Web Server Settings. 23 Beyond TV has detected that your web server and Windows Media streaming ports were set to the same port. Beyond TV does not attempt to restart a recording if more than [NUMBER] interruptions are encountered. check over here See the Recording Preferences and Video Folders pages in the Settings menu of the Web Admin. 3 Beyond TV has detected that you have no video folders configured.

Command Line Options Beyond TV 4 and the ViewScape interface can be launched whether running or not by using command line calls and batch files. Samsung Tv Blinking Error Codes Your Live TV streaming port has been reset to the default port number, 8080. Check other applications for port conflicts.

In order for Beyond TV to run properly, Norton Internet Security must be configured to allow Beyond TV to access the internet and open several ports. 28 Beyond TV has detected

Please shut down Beyond TV, shut down the offending application, and start Beyond TV again. This indicates that the application is running in the background (regardless of whether or not the ViewScape interface is running). Please upgrade ZoneAlarm to the most recent version to address this issue. Samsung Tv Error Code 012 Run the Setup Wizard to check the tuner's configuration. 13 We're sorry, but Beyond TV encountered multiple interruptions from your capture card while trying to record.

Never Show This Item Prevents this error code from ever appearing again. SnapStream Forums > User-to-User Troubleshooting & Support Forums > Beyond TV and Beyond TV Link User-to-User Troubleshooting & Support Forum Error Code 47 User Name Remember Me? Note: If no errors have been encountered, this option will not appear. this content Allow Windows to check the time automatically. 1 Your system time, time zone, or automatic daylight savings adjustment option may be set incorrectly.

Please purchase a product key from the SnapStream Store for access to program guide data and SnapStream.Net. 32 Your SnapStream.Net subscription expires in [NUMBER] day(s) Please purchase Beyond TV from Please select Settings->Recording Preferences and select a default folder. When the Setup Wizard begins, the following screen will appear: The Setup Wizard can be run any time after installing Beyond TV 4 by launching it from the This problem is often caused by your system clock being set incorrectly.

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