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Binary Error Log Translation Utility

Device Class x0001 ---- IO SW Profile ---- VMS DC$_CLASS 1. The PRINT command prints ERRORS.LIS. 18.4.4 Using Other Error Log Report Options This section briefly explains how to specify report formats and produce a report of selected entries. Refer to the OpenVMS User's Manual for details on specifying files. The following restrictions on the SYSTEST_CLIG account are necessary for a correct run of the cluster test phase: The account must be enabled and the password must be null. check over here

The Digital Press title Tru64 UNIX File System Administration Handbook by Steve Hancock offers complementary coverage for Compaq's UNIX users. System managers often find error log reports useful in identifying recurrent system failures that require outside attention. The BUSES keyword also excludes error log entries for the BI bus. You can specify error log entries for specific events by using the qualifiers /INCLUDE and /EXCLUDE.

The effect on the system is analogous to an equal number of users concurrently issuing commands from terminals. If you do not have this software installed on your system, you may download it from the Adobe Web site. Produce a report of selected entries Use qualifiers to produce error log reports for specific types of events and for a specified time interval.

Exclude unknown error log entries By default, when ANALYZE/ERROR_LOG encounters an unknown device, CPU, or error log entry, the utility produces the entry in hexadecimal longword format. Specify report formats Change report formats by using qualifiers, including the following ones: /BINARY---to convert binary error log records to ASCII text or to copy error log records to a specified Use the UNKNOWN_ENTRIES keyword to obtain a report that contains the contents of the device registers logged by unsupported devices. Example $ DIAGNOSE/TRANSLATE/FSTERR ERRLOG.OLD;72 In this example, the command produces a FSTERR report for tape and disk devices from information contained in the event log ERRLOG.OLD;72. /FULL Generates a full report,

Terse Provides binary event information and displays register values and other ASCII messages in a condensed format. You must have the DIAGNOSE privilege for the /CONTINUOUS qualifier to work, enabling the continuous display of events on a terminal screen. You must have the DIAGNOSE privilege for the /CONTINUOUS qualifier to work, enabling the continuous display of events on a terminal screen. 18.5.4 Using Additional DECevent Commands In addition to the OS version V7.3-1 Event sequence number 1583.

CONFIGURATION Exclude system configuration entries from the report. Format /REVERSE Example $ DIAGNOSE/DUMP ALPHA.ERROR /REVERSE The command in this example dumps the contents of the event file in reverse chronological order. Permanently, in SYS$STARTUP:SYLOGICAL.COM The logical names you define take effect the next time the system is rebooted. DECevent also provides for the analysis and interpetation of that data.

You Can... Major Event class 3. These qualifiers form a filter to determine which error log entries are selected or rejected. Examples #1 DIAGNOSE/TRANSLATE/EXCLUDE=MTA0 In this example, entries for the device MTA0 are excluded from the full (default) report for the file ERRLOG.SYS. #2 DIAGNOSE/TRANSLATE/EXCLUDE=(MTA0,DRA5) ERRLOG.OLD In this example, the devices MTA0

IO Subsystem IO Minor Class 1. check my blog Usage Notes: You can specify one or both of these keywords. Event reports are useful for determining preventive maintenance by helping to identify areas within the system showing potential failure. You invoke ERROR LOG by entering the DCL command ANALYZE/ERROR_LOG. (See Section 18.4.2.) DECevent Selectively reports the contents of an event log file; you invoke DECevent by entering the DCL command

Sometimes a burst of errors can cause the buffer to fill up before ERRFMT can empty them. An example of UETNETS00 output follows. %UETP-S-BEGIN, UETNETS00 beginning at 22-JUN-1998 13:45:33.18 %UETP-W-TEXT, Circuit DMC-0 to (NODENAME1) OK. %UETP-I-TEXT, Node (NODENAME2) over DMC-1 response timeouts = 1. %UETP-I-TEXT, Circuit DMC-1 to Contents Preface v Chapter 1 Installation Information 1.1 The Binary Error Log Translation Utility 1-1 1.2 Installation of the Binary Error Log Translation Utility 1-1 Chapter 2 Running the Binary Error http://gatoisland.com/binary-error/binary-error-log-tru64.php The real-time output is directed to the terminal screen by default.

Error reports allow you to anticipate potential failures. You must have the SYSPRV privilege to run ERROR LOG. RAID Message RAID Event Type 8.

If you enter /NONODE without a value, events occurring on all nodes that are represented in the error log file are selected. /OUTPUT[=output-file] Specifies the output file that is to contain

You can include wildcard characters in the file specification. TIMEOUTS Include device timeout errors in the report. DIGITAL UNIX V4.0** and subsequent versions UERF Yes DECevent prior to V2.9 Yes ** ** Recommended you use only V2.9 and subsequent releases. Description You can specify one or more devices by device class, device name, or one or more keywords that identify entry types.

Secondary Qualifier: /BRIEF Generates a brief report. Description The /BINARY qualifier creates a binary file that contains copies of the original binary event log entry if the command line also specifies an interval (/SINCE, /BEFORE, or /ENTRY qualifier) You must have SYSPRV privilege to run ERF; however, only read access is required to access the file ERRORLOG.SYS. (It is not necessary to rename the file ERRORLOG.SYS to ERRORLOG.OLD before have a peek at these guys ERRFMT$_SEND_TO Must translate to a user name (the current default is SYSTEM).

Whether the load test runs as part of the entire UETP or as an individual phase, UETP combines the UETLOnnnn.LOG files, writes the output to the file UETP.LOG, and deletes the Description To invoke ERF, enter the following DCL command: ANALYZE/ERROR_LOG [/qualifier(s)] [file-spec][,...] ERF does not prompt you.

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