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Leave comments and/ or rate it. You may also want to ask the author to repost the attachment. So, this is far away from 6,783,355. How to disable the BDE's write cache in BDE Administrator? 15.

There are also other software programs that use the same folder. The...Reply Posted by Elias Johannes Pretorius on Sep 07 2005Patch for BDE 'Insufficient disk space' problem. (4Gb multiplesGood day -=-=-=-= I have reviewed the submissions and would like to know if BDE Error Codes? 10. I tried to... Server Response from: ETNACDC03 Copyright© 1994 - 2013 Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.

Delphi books for sale $25 5. Bagundol Delphi Developer What's BDE Error #9475? 2005-02-09 08:29:27 PM off-topic16 I'm using D7. Cheap software for sale. 25$ US 8. For more information please see BDE report# 7089 on Quality Central.

Locking/Contention related 10241 : $2801 : Record locked by another user. 10242 : $2802 : Unlock failed. 10243 : $2803 : Table is busy. 10244 : $2804 : Directory is busy. Password required. 10499 : $2903 : Insufficient family rights for operation. 10500 : $2904 : This directory is read only. 10501 : $2905 : Database is read only. 10502 : $2906 Cannot empty it. 9745 2611 Self referencing referential integrity must be entered one at a time with no other changes to the table 9746 2612 Detail table is open. 9747 2613 tnks. 2006-04-25, 04:44:14 anonymous from India it is bug in oracle8i 2006-05-04, 13:11:49 anonymous from Brazil it does not work with delphi 6..

I´m in a Windows NT server, using Borland C++ (so I can´t use the .pas). When I try to add all fields, I got a database engine error. run-time error 2105 2. error 9476 Temporary table resource limit Developer Forum Board index DELPHI BDE What's BDE Error #9475?

Farm Works uses the Borland Database within your computer to operate the software. sorry, i can't find it offhand.This image was also posted here:Resource or Limit error (BDE error message)Keywords: 2009-03-27, 05:42:14 [email protected] from India Look on codegear's web site. NO WAY... 7. Physical Data Corruption 8961 : $2301 : Corrupt table/index header. 8962 : $2302 : Corrupt file - other than header. 8963 : $2303 : Corrupt Memo/BLOB file.

Board index » off-topic » What's BDE Error #9475? Is it the same as 9495 : $2517 : Lock file has grown too large.??? 2008-11-10, 09:43:59 anonymous from Bulgaria 9485 : $250D : Too many record locks on table. It says insufficient disk space. not Delphi), a precompiled DLL (FIX4GBug.dll) is also included. (If you can compile the included unit, then you do not need to distribute the DLL) Latest Comments View AllAdd New

TechTip: How to interpret BDE error-codes 9. query $2E43 (11843) Row cannot contain expression $2E44 (11844) obsolete $2E45 (11845) obsolete $2E46 (11846) No permission to insert or delete records $2E47 (11847) No permission to modify field $2E48 (11848) Does it relate to a specific BDE > > configuration value, if yes, which one? > > TIA > > Markus Drck -- Markus Drck Markus Drüc Delphi Developer Sat, 02 What's the limit?

Error: Cannot load driver3. Check out only the difference between 2 releases5. Erorr when try to run BDE or applications that use BDE 7. Value out of bounds. 10020 2724 Cannot set cursor of one table to another. 10021 2725 Bookmarks do not match table. 10022 2726 Invalid index/tag name. 10023 2727 Invalid index descriptor.

Password required $2903 (10499) Insufficient family rights for operation $2904 (10500) This directory is read only $2905 (10501) Database is read only $2906 (10502) Trying to modify read-only field $2907 (10503) Top What's BDE Error #9475? I recognize this problem since BDE 4.xx and I'm wondering that it's still there.

Idapi32.dll is using the api function called GetDiskFreeSpaceA exported by kernel32.dll.

what can I do.? 2008-02-13, 22:23:13 anonymous from Australia You can only lock 255 records at once. 2008-11-10, 06:36:08 anonymous from Bulgaria 9485 : $250D : Too many record When I had less than 4GB of free space, it was still reporting a full 4 GB of free space. TIA Markus Drck Bill Tod Delphi Developer Wed, 29 Jun 2005 01:51:25 GMT Re:BDE errors 9475 [$25] [$03] and 9476 [$25] [$04] Make sure that you have the block size It could also be possible that an auto update ran during this process.

u can email me @ [email protected] thxx 2007-05-08, 01:39:17 (updated: 2007-05-08, 01:40:04) [email protected] from Taiwan I am using BCB 4 connected to Oracle 8.1.7 database via BDE. some time ago i saw an article about the memory layout for this shared memory and ways to resolve a problem like this top gambling site it's an ugly Current rating: (2 votes). BDE in Win2K Server Board index » delphi » BDE errors 9475 [$25] [$03] and 9476 [$25] [$04] Markus Drück Delphi Developer Tue, 28 Jun 2005 23:02:18 GMT BDE errors

The BDE erroneously reports this error if the amount of free space is near a multiple of 4 gigabytes. bde error 9476 - Temporary table resource limit 6. But I figured out, that if I decrease > > the amount of free space a little under 4 GB everything is ok. You may need to increase MAXFILEHANDLE limit in IDAPI configuration $2B05 (11013) Permission denied $2B06 (11014) Bad file number $2B07 (11015) Memory blocks destroyed $2B08 (11016) Not enough memory $2B09 (11017)

Very frequent the system show runtime error 'BDE error 3001 - Capability not supported' when the system access to a 'RequestLive' query. 2007-03-09, 22:11:38 [email protected] from Indonesia saya berharaf forum The error generated by the Zip attachment is: You may still be able to repair the zip file contents if you download the entire zip locally. But what the heck is this 9476 (not enough resources for temporary tables) error message about? Cannot empty it. 9745 : $2611 : Self referencing referential integrity must be entered one at a time with no other changes to the table 9746 : $2612 :

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