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wesnoth.get_displayed_unit wesnoth.get_displayed_unit() Returns a proxy to the unit currently displayed in the side pane of the user interface, if any. Very strange that whether or not the error displays depends on the os version. @zookeeper, you should also use [hide_unit] for Rugnur who's sitting at the top of the map since Sorry, zookeeper and all! The image is optional. this contact form

the Savane Project W3C Validation Thanks To FSF France Bearstech the GNU Project Battle for Wesnoth - Bugs: bug #24548, lua error from message.lua Group Main Main View Members Search Homepage The new status is passed as the first argument, and the path to the widget is specified by the remaining arguments (see #wesnoth.set_dialog_value). The third argument is a table describing the text input field with the following keys: label - A label to show to the left of the text field. bumbadadabum Developer Posts: 1005 Joined: March 20th, 2008, 5:54 pmLocation: Netherlands Website Top Next Display posts from previous: All posts1 day7 days2 weeks1 month3 months6 months1 year Sort by AuthorPost

Battle For Wesnoth Units

Search in Projects People Cookbook Support Bugs Tasks Patches Hosted Projects Register New Project Full List Contributors Wanted Statistics Site Help User Docs: Cookbook User Docs: In Depth Guide Get wesnoth.deselect_hex wesnoth.deselect_hex() (Version 1.13.2 and later only) Reverses any select_hex call, leaving all locations unhighlighted. Moderators: Developers, Forum Moderators Forum rules Please use [code] BBCode tags in your posts for embedding WML snippets.To keep your code readable so that others can easily help you, make sure This is why you also need to check the stderr.txt.

mirror - If true, the image will be flipped horizontally. if the dialog was closed with the enter key, -1. These functions are called whenever the user interface is refreshed. Battle For Wesnoth Cheats Hope it helps some of you.

Home Play Create Forums Support Project Credits Links Board Index Change font size Guidelines FAQ Search Register Login Information The requested topic does not exist. Battle For Wesnoth Youtube Repeat #1 and #2.Irrelevant errors:"Missing closing tag on [???] on line ???" - some of the times these are relevant, but if you do have the closing tag, it is an Search in Projects People Cookbook Support Bugs Tasks Patches Hosted Projects Register New Project Full List Contributors Wanted Statistics Site Help User Docs: Cookbook User Docs: In Depth Guide Get The content of the WML table is described at GUICanvasWML. -- draw two rectangles in the upper-left corner of the window (empty path = window widget) wesnoth.set_dialog_canvas(2, { T.rectangle { x

gadget005 Posts: 14 Joined: January 15th, 2007, 1:35 pmLocation: England YIM Top Reply with quote by Finisterrex » June 7th, 2007, 11:56 am Yesterday it happens to me xD i Battle For Wesnoth Walkthrough Possible loggers are info, debug, warning, error, and wml. Remove half or more of the WML of your campaign. The clients usually send these actions as soon as they know that they cannot be undone.

Battle For Wesnoth Youtube

An image to show. The second parameter (integer) spcifies where the node should be inserted in the parentnode. Battle For Wesnoth Units Test if you still get errors.3. Games Like Battle For Wesnoth As a result...

If you want to call these functions you should use wesnoth.syncronize_choice which allows you to run code on one client and then return the result to all clients so all clients http://gatoisland.com/battle-for/battle-for-wesnoth-runtime-error.php Example: wesnoth.show_message_dialog({ title = "Make your choice:", message = "Select an option and enter some text.", portrait = "wesnoth-icon.png", }, { "The first choice is always the best!", "Pick me! Other information The author of this campaign is Dugi (due to name uniqueness, the name is spelled as Dugy on GitHub). This rng gets reseeded at the beginning of every "synced user action", the reason is, that otherwise players could know which random results they'll get next. Battle For Wesnoth Steam

Instead of going through everything line by line and try to spot the mistake you've made, or before posting your entire campaign on the forums in the hopes that someone wants This article will provide you a highlight of the usual computer errors and the solutions to resolve it, you can find it below. If true is passed as the third parameter, scrolling is disabled if the tile is hidden under the fog. navigate here Note that this function only works correct in syncronized events.

Usage The add-on is usually downloaded from the game's add-on server. Battle For Wesnoth Wiki The translatable strings can be appended to other strings/numbers with the standard .. http://gna.org/ ___ Wesnoth-bugs mailing list [email protected] https://mail.gna.org/listinfo/wesnoth-bugs [Wesnoth-bugs] [bug #16542] lua error in scenario epilogue of sceptre of fire 2010-08-26 Thread Michele Maresi URL: http://gna.org/bugs/?16542 Summary: lua error in scenario epilogue

This is a hard error to fix.Any random error that you know for a fact is not relevant: Sometimes wesnoth calls an irrelevant error when there is a separate error going

You can then proceed to the advanced tab and settings. For example move,recall,recuit ... To find out what each entry will do, you will have to make guesses and experiment, or read the source code at src/reports.cpp. Battle For Wesnoth Review If there was text input, the second value contains the text entered.

wesnoth.set_dialog_focus("my_listbox") wesnoth.set_dialog_visible wesnoth.set_dialog_visible(visible?, path, to, widget, id) (Version 1.13.2 and later only) Sets a widget's visibility status. If you still cannot find what's wrong, then of course you can ask here on the forums, but you should still try to isolate the problem as well as you can Check out my campaign Sweet Revenge!Join the new R2D forum! his comment is here Beastss Posts: 15 Joined: December 23rd, 2007, 9:57 am Top Reply with quote Re: How to easily debug WML by Suukorak » May 6th, 2009, 9:52 pm zookeeper wrote:Does you

Perhaps a footnote on how to debug errors themselves? Not necessary if you really trust the undo capabilities of your editor.1. The value associated to a list is the selected row. Go back to step 2 and again remove as much as you easily can (for example, cut away all the [event]s of that scenario you have left).

Restore it, and then go to step 2 and apply that procedure to that part only. Please make sure that you are very clear on what the problem is and copy/paste related stderr.txt error messages. This happens layzly that means it doesn't happen at the beginning of the synced user action, but it happens as soon as the rng is used inside the synced context for Powered by Savane 3.1-cleanup Login Status: Not Logged In Login New User This Page Clean Reload Printer Version Related Recipes:Why log in?

the Savane Project W3C Validation Thanks To FSF France Bearstech the GNU Project Battle for Wesnoth - Bugs: bug #24671, Lua error with [set_variables] Group Main Main View Members Search Homepage You signed out in another tab or window. To Player B's client, that wouldn't make any sense, since it's not possible to have multiple units on the same hex. There is no reason to stress because this just tells you that there is something that requires attention or fixation.

Verbatim copying and distribution of this entire article is permitted in any medium, provided this notice is preserved. wesnoth.show_dialog wesnoth.show_dialog(wml_dialog_table, [pre_show_function, [post_show_function]]) Displays a dialog box described by a WML table and returns: if the dialog was dismissed by a button click, the integer value associated to the button If there are options, this is the index of the option chosen (starting from 1). Takes no arguments.

a second argument of 4 will cause the sound to be played once and then repeated four more times for a total of 5 plays. Battle For Wesnoth Lua Error are totally natural to happen in your personal computer. Search in Projects People Cookbook Support Bugs Tasks Patches Hosted Projects Register New Project Full List Contributors Wanted Statistics Site Help User Docs: Cookbook User Docs: In Depth Guide Get Once you get there, start changing the settings to double the size of the PageFile.

Date Changed By Updated Field Previous Value => Replaced By Fri Jul 29 17:26:41 2016vultrazOpen/ClosedOpenClosed Wed May 18 10:20:50 2016gfgtdfStatusReady For TestFixed Tue May 17 23:12:41 2016gfgtdfStatusNoneReady For Test Show local u = wesnoth.get_units({ id = "hero" })[1] wesnoth.scroll_to_tile(u.x, u.y) wesnoth.lock_view wesnoth.lock_view(lock) Locks or unlocks gamemap view scrolling for human players.

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